For the first time in history, the Jorge André Swieca Summer School of Quantum Optics and Nonlinear Optics was hosted in southern Brazil, here at the Federal University of Paraná. The Summer School was a scientific event promoted by the Brazilian Society of Physics and for the first time was organized entirely by the UFPR OPTICA Student Chapter.

The School was mainly aimed at graduate students in Physics or related areas who were interested in optics and lasers. The School covered courses on fundamental and specialized research, as well as applications. The speakers were instructed to prepare the courses in a didactic way. The objectives of the school were to update researchers, instruct students on recent advances in the field of optics, and mainly to promote interaction and development of new partnerships for research.

This event took place between March 06 - 11, 2023, lasting for five official days and had the participation of up to 60 students. As activities, there were lectures, mini-courses, seminars, poster presentations, round tables, visits to UFPR laboratories, and extension projects.




Emerson Cristiano Barbano (UFPR)
Sergio d’almeida Sanchez (UFPR)
Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato (USP)
Mônica Andrioli Caracanhas Santarelli (USP)
Yohan Szuszko Soares (UFPR)
Marcelo Jean Machado (UFPR)
Camille Vitória Unger (UFPR)
Matheus Henrique reule (UFPR)


UFPR OPTICA Student Chapter - Staff

Adriano Bezerra Pereira  (UFPR)
André Cestari Silva (UFPR)
Aron Luiz Oliveira dos Santos (UFPR)
Barbara Miglioretto Monaro (UFPR)
Débora Danieli Tavares (UFPR)
Fernando Bazilio de Lima (UFPR)
Giovana Sureki Charan (UFPR)
Guilherme Tirolle Fernandes (UFPR)
Higor Eduardo Rosenberger Cabral (UFPR)
Isabela Cristine Camilo (UFPR)
Juliana Thaler (UFPR)
Marcelo Prado Cionek (UFPR)
Maria Eduarda Reichmann Filippetto (UFPR)
Moisés Willian de Almeida (UFPR)
Monique Aparecida Roscamp (UFPR)
Pedro Henrique Zanella (UFPR)
Pedro Lucas Spengler dos Santos (UFPR)
Renata Eliodoro dos Santos (UFPR)
Vanessa Bayerl (UFPR)



UFPR OPTICA Student Chapter