campos01Dear Colleagues,

The Brazilian Workshop on Nuclear Physics (RTFNB, acronym in Portuguese) is organized annually by the Brazilian Physics Society since 1978. The 40th edition of this meeting will take place from 03-07 September, 2017.

Several subjects on Nuclear Physics are covered in the RTFNB, as Hadron Physics, High Energy Physics, Nuclear Structure, Nuclear Reactions, Applied Nuclear Physics and Instrumentation. Our main objective is to promote Nuclear Physics research in the country; stimulate and reinforce collaborations among nuclear physicists from around the country; disseminate advances in nuclear physics research and its applications; disseminate, disclose and evaluate the scientific production in this field, stimulate young students in their first steps into scientific research.

The XL RTFNB meeting, will be held at Campos do Jordão, a cosy city on the moutains between the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. Invited speakers of several countries will show their most recent works, and the place offers several opportunities to contact new people and initiate or reinforce scientific collaboration.

Proceedings of the conference will be published in EPJ Web of Conferences series, which is an open-access journal.

Organizing Committee

Airton Deppman – IFUSP (chair)
Celso Barros - UFSC
Kelly Cristina Cezaretto Pires - IFUSP
Mauricio Moralles - IPEN
Viviane Morcelle De Almeida - UFRRJ




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