Early bird registration fees: April 24th 2023

Full Registration (PhD) R$ 860,00
Full Registration (PhD) - SBF member R$ 490,00
Graduate Student R$ 510,00
Graduate Student - SBF member R$ 290,00
Undergraduate Student R$ 190,00
Undergraduate Student - SBF member R$ 110,00

Late Registration Fees: February 27th 2023 - May 25th 2023
All registration fees increase by 25%
Please note: the early bird registration fee can be paid until April 17th. But only those who register by February 26 will have the discount guaranteed.

Members of other Scientific Societies which have an agreement with SBF pay the same fee as the Brazilian Physical Society (SBF) members. After the subscription, before payment, a statement/declaration should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in letterhead document, proving the affiliation in good standing to the respective society. List of Reciprocal Societies and agreements.

If you wish to register as an SBF member, send your application 05 days prior to the deadline. Click here.

SBF members in debt should pay the annual fees and registration fee together.

Students (SBF member) without institutional financial support for events:  R$50.00*
The organizing committees of the SBF events have expressed great concern regarding the registration fees for students. Grants with low values does not allow them, in many cases, to cover extra expenses, sometimes making it impossible for students to participate in events. The SBF is aware of and understands the difficulties faced by students who do not have a scholarship or whose scholarship does not include financial support to participate in events by SBF. Therefore, the student may submit a letter or statement signed by a representative of their educational institution like the head of department for graduation, or postgraduate coordinator, attesting that he/she does not have such support and the institution does not have the resources to pay for registrations. Being the case, they will only pay a symbolic fee of R$50.00 to cover registration costs. This decision is being taken on an exceptional basis. To submit the declaration, click on Participant's Area, after registering.