The EOSBF 2023 will be held in Ouro Preto, more specifically at the Arts and Conventions Center (CAC) of the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP). Located in the heart of the Historic Center of Ouro Preto, the CAC-UFOP is surrounded by the main tourist attractions of the city (museums, churches, cathedrals and monuments), as well as restaurants, bars, and hotels.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo

Ouro Preto is located 130 km from the center of Belo Horizonte, the capital of the Minas Gerais state. The nearest airport is Confins (Belo Horizonte). Ouro Preto is world-renowned for its unique architectural heritage and nature. Founded in 1711, the former capital of Minas Gerais was the stage for the Inconfidência Mineira, an event widely documented by its numerous museums, cathedrals and monuments. Recognized as a historical and cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO, Ouro Preto is a world reference for baroque architecture and one of the most important tourist destinations in Brazil. The facades of its colorful and well-preserved houses provide visitors with a unique experience. The city is culturally rich and diverse, being scene of various artistic manifestations and important cultural events. Typical Minas Gerais' food is one of the main attractions of the city, which has a vast network of restaurants, and bars, in addition to an excellent hotel structure.

May is a beautiful month in Minas Gerais, with sunny days and extremely blue skies. The daytime temperature is pleasant, offering a comfortable atmosphere. However, it's important to note that the nights can bring a drop in temperature, reaching below 10 degrees Celsius. We kindly advise you to pack warm clothing to ensure your comfort throughout your stay.

We invite all participants to join a special social event on Wednesday evening, May 24th, featuring an exciting music show. Refreshing drinks and local food will be available for purchase at the venue, ensuring an enjoyable and lively atmosphere for everyone. Let's come together, relax, and make lasting connections during this delightful evening in Ouro Preto!


More information about tourism in Ouro Preto:

Ouro Preto Tourist Service Center (CAT-OP):
Terminal Rodoviário 8 de Julho
Rua Padre Rolim, 661, São Cristóvão, Ouro Preto, MG, CEP 35400-000
Phone: +55(31) 3551-5552 / +55(31) 3551-7329
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The city of Ouro Preto has several options for hotels and inns. Check out the suggestions below.

Hotel Solar de Maria
Address: R Tomé Afonso, 111 - Bairro Agua Limpa Bairro Agua Limpa
Phone: +55(31) 3551-3150

Pousada Minas Gerais
Address: Rua Xavier Da Veiga, 303 Centro Histórico
Phone: +55 0800 702 5506

Pousada do Mondego
Address: Largo Do Coimbra, 38 Centro Histórico
Phone: +55 (31) 3552-7700

Hotel Colonial
Address: Travessa Pe, Tv. Cônego Camilo Veloso, 26 - Centro
Phone: +55(31) 3551-3133

Pousada Solar Senhora das Mercês
Address: Rua Felipe dos Santos, 134 Centro

Hotel Pousada Casa Grande
Address: R. Conselheiro Quintiliano Maciel, 96 - Centro
Phone: +55(31) 3551-4314

Hotel do Teatro
Address: R. Costa Sena, 307 - Centro
Phone: +55(31) 3551-7000

Hotel Pousada Solar da Ópera
Address: Rua Conde de Bobadela, 75
Phone: +55(31) 3551-6844

Pousada Clássica
Address: Rua Conde de Bobadela, 96 - Centro
Phone: +55(31) 3551-3663

Pouso dos Sinos de São Francisco
Address: R. Costa Sena, 30 - Centro
Phone: +55(31) 3551-1138

Pouso dos Viajantes
Address: Praça Pref. Amadeu Barbosa, 83 - Barra
Phone: +55(31) 3551-6294

Pousada do Pilar
Address: R. Benedito Valadares, 221
Phone: +55(31) 3551-3746

Casa de Hospedagem Alquimia
Address: R. São José, 196
Phone: +55(31) 98874-1657

Hotel Mirante
Address: Rua Pandiá Calogeras, 377 Barra
Phone: +55(31) 8766-3517
Phone: +55(31) 3551-2773

Pouso do Chico Rei
Address: R. Brg. Musqueira, 90 - Centro
Phone: +55(31) 3551-1274                                   

Boroni Palace Hotel
Address: 600 Padre Rolim st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-5001

Grande Hotel in Ouro Preto
Address: 164 Senador Rocha Lagoa st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-1488

Hotel Mirante
Address: 377 Pandiá Calógeras st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-277

Hotel Solar de Maria
Address: 111 Tomé Afonso st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-3150

Hotel Solar do Rosario
Address: 270 Getúlio Vargas st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-5200

Luxor Hotel
Address: 16 Alfredo Baeta st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-2244

Pousada Casa dos Contos
Address: 31 Camillo de Brito st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-1148

Pousada Casa Grande
Address: 96 Conselheiro Quintiliano st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-4314

Pousada Chico Anjo
Address: Passa Dez
Phone: +55(31) 99961-3180

Pousada Classica
Address: 96 Conde de Bobadela st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-3663

Pousada Colonial
Address: 26 Padre Camilo Veloso st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-3133

Pousada do Arcanjo
Address: 270 São Miguel Arcânjo st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-4121

Pousada do Mondego
Address: 38 Largo de Coimbra
Phone: +55(31) 3551-2040

Pousada dos Minerais
Address: 221 Benedito Valadares st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-3746

Pousada dos Oficios
Address: 765 Padre Rolim st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-7735

Pousada Itacolomi
Address: 800 Jucelino Kubtcheck Av
Phone: +55(31) 3551-3312

Pousada Jardim de Assis
Address: 88 Mercês st
Phone: +55(31) 9 98747-0892

Pousada Marotta
Address: 415 Conselheiro Quintiliano st
Phone: +55(31) 9 8511-4934

Pousada Mezzaninho
Address: 131Senador Rocha Lagoa st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-4075

Pousada Minas Gerais
Address: 303 Xavier da Veiga st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-5006

Pousada Sinhá Olímpia
Address: 180 Dom Helvécio st
Phone: +55(31) 3551- 6369

Pousada Solar da Opera
Address: 75 Conde de Bobadela st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-6844

Solar Senhora Das Merces
Address: 134 Felipe dos Santos st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-2405


Cultural Attractions

Basilica of Nossa Senhora do Pilar
Address: Monsenhor Castilho Barbosa Square
Phone: +55(31) 3551-4736

Opera House
Brigadeiro Musqueira st
Phone: +55(31) 3559-3224

Train station
Address: Cesário Alvim Square
Phone: +55(31) 3551-7705

Basilica of Nossa Senhora do Pilar
Address: Monsenhor Castilho Barbosa Square
Phone: +55(31) 3551-4736

Church of Nossa Senhora do Carmo
Brigadeiro Musqueira st

Church of Santa Efigência
Address: Santa Efigênia st

Church of São Francisco de Assis
Address: Largo de Coimbra
Phone: +55(31) 3551-4661

Church of Nossa Senhora do Rosario
Address: Largo do Rosário

Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição
Address: Antonio Dias Square
Phone: +55(31) 3551-3282

Chico Rei Mine
Address: 108 Dom Silvério st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-1749

Passage Mine
Address: 492 do Comércio st, Passagem de Mariana District

Guignhard's House
Address: 110 Conde de Borbadela st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-5155

Museum of Incofidência
Address: 139 Tiradentes Square
Phone: +55(31) 3551-1121

Museum of Reductions
Address: 131 São Gonçalo, Amarantina District

Museum of Oratorio
Address: Brigadeiro Musqueira st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-5369

Count's House
Address: 12 São José st
Phone: +55(31) 3551-1444